Our services cover the following logistics areas:

  1. Land traffic
  • international land traffic (partial-load and full-load transports)
  • international collecting goods traffic from Europe to Slovenia (+ ex YU) (and vice versa)
  • international express general cargo and parcel packages within guaranteed delivery time (“door to door” service)


  1. Airborne traffic
  • classic transport and collecting goods traffic


  1. Maritime traffic
  • container traffic (full container traffic – FCL or general cargo forwarding – LCL)
  • classic maritime transports


  1. Warehousing and distribution (3PL and 4PL)
  • Providing warehousing and distribution solutions in all major economic centres within proximity of ports or airports.


  1. Customs representation


  1. Logistics consulting services, project and informatization management



As complete logistic agent we offer insurance of cargo from warehouse to warehouse. Our advantage comparing to insurance companies is negotiating which enables attractive premium payment conditions at the best insurance companies in Slovenia or abroad.

Cargo insurance during transport for all risks enable complete insurance covering of cargo from door to door on the basis of the market value of the cargo.

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